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Heather Tuckman, PsyD • Clinical Psychologist


Loss and grief may take many forms.

Sometimes people are worried that they are not grieving the way that they believe they should be, while at other times, people are concerned that they are grieving too much and may never get over it.

What I can promise you is that there are many paths through grief, and yours may not look the same as others.

I can walk that path with you and help you to navigate through it so you may find a way to make meaning again, to come to a place of acceptance, and if necessary, to access forgiveness.

Grief and loss may be complicated, and they aren’t always associated with death. Sometimes we encounter these experiences through other events, such as trauma, divorce, disability, illness, etc. Regardless of the occurrence that brings you here, I can help you to wade your way through to the other side.