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Heather Tuckman, PsyD • Clinical Psychologist


Ongoing groups are forming to help women lead more satisfying and purposeful lives.

These groups are meant to be accessible to anyone seeking this type of care, so participation is available to all for a $20 fee per group session. Those with in-network insurance can use their coverage and are only responsible for their copay up to $20. Please contact me to register or for any questions about joining these groups.

New Mothers with Chronic Medical Conditions

New moms with chronic medical conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, or other ongoing health challenges, are often in a position where they have to care for their babies while maintaining a higher level of care for themselves. It is not uncommon for them to experience extreme fatigue and to feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities. While typical new moms often feel this way too, it may be frustrating to share your experiences with others who aren’t navigating similar challenges.

Topics to be discussed, but not limited to, include:

  • Managing your energy
  • Setting priorities for you and your baby
  • Accessing help
  • Identifying impediments to health practices
  • Management of anxiety or mood conditions
  • Long term health maintenance
  • Education about how illness may affect your mental health
  • Stress management and relaxation methods
  • Behavior modification to address ramifications of illness
  • Understanding the functional limitations and impact of disability
  • Learning about appropriate disclosure to others
  • Planning and prioritizing for the future
  • Non-pharmacological strategies for pain management
  • Consultation on appropriate supportive measures, accommodations or modifications


Purpose-Driven Change Group

This exciting new group is focused on helping individuals feel more present in their daily lives and derive more satisfaction overall. Many people believe that they are rushing through their lives, led by obligation, and lacking sufficient connection or purpose. This group will prepare you to master difficult transitions and give you the skills to unravel problems that you previously viewed as unresolvable. My curriculum is designed to help you connect your everyday activities to purpose, so you live a life guided by your own values. You will learn to develop a flexible mindset of resilience, to lean into fear to overcome worry, to resolve entrenched problems by reframing solutions.

Topics to be discussed, but not limited to, include:

  • Difficult life transitions
  • Faulty and self-limiting beliefs
  • Self-discipline and intention
  • Self-compassion
  • Failure, loss, and post-traumatic growth
  • Forgiveness versus moving forward
  • Resilience
  • Retelling your story
  • Asking the right questions / reformulating the problem
  • Identifying higher-level purpose
  • Transformative process
  • Coping, tolerance, and endurance
  • Grit and perseverance
  • Self-care